Unstitched Utilities started with three friends - all of whom have played an integral part in some of the most successful fashion footwear brands.

Jack Steinweis, Kevin Crowley, and Mark Kane realized they were all tied up in their corporate careers so they decided it was time to get UNSTITCHED.

They were tired of corporations and the stock market holding them back from doing what was right, so they decided to cut the strings and become UNSTITCHED

About Us

Everyone these days is aware of the greater effects our lifestyles have on the environment at large.  For contemporary consumers, it's cool to "go green", yet  these consumers do not want to shirk their style.  Enter Unstitched Utilities, a brand that perfectly mediates social consciousness and couture.  With vegan dyes and glues, this line of sustainable forward-thinking shoes provide the consumer with a hip and trendy alternative to the usual standbys.  When someone is in a pair of our Unstitched Utilities footwear, they only need to let their feet do the talking…

                                      *VEGAN-FRIENDLY * 

"Our shoes are produced in Asia, either China or Vietnam. Like many of our customers we are concerned that the employees of the factories we deal with are in safe working conditions and not taken advantage of. We do everything possible to make sure this happens."


Tyvek is a  flashspun high-density polyethylene fiber that is water resistant, highly breathable, extremely durable and very lightweight. Tyvek is vegan-friendly and sustainable, as it is a recyclable material as well.